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This year, an estimated $8 billion will be spent during the Halloween season. Christmas is much larger at closer to $500 billion, but the figure still qualifies Halloween as the second-largest holiday season. Below are five of the most expensive Halloween items.

Along with Valentine's Day and Christmas, Halloween is one of the more popular holidays to buy and share chocolate. Most Halloween candy is of the store-bought variety and intended for handing out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. There are also plenty of higher-end stores run by chocolatiers, and this segment of the market continues to grow in popularity. Chocolates that are sourced from entirely organic materials are also popular these days and can be quite expensive. The average price for a bag of Halloween candy is usually only several dollars. A Halloween gift basket of organic chocolates listed on Amazon goes for $104, and it is listed as a truly extravagant gift given it contains a mix of candy, cookies and truffles.

This year, nearly $2.4 billion is expected to be spent on Halloween decorations, such as those in the yard and in the house. According a survey by the retail federation, the average consumer is expected to spend around $32 on decorations. However, there are a number of more expensive options. A life-size statue of the "Halloween" movie franchise character Michael Myers will set you back $250.

Halloween Parties
Halloween is best known as a time to take the kids trick-or-treating throughout the neighborhood, but it is also a popular time to have a Halloween party. Disneyland offers an annual Halloween party that includes access to its Magic Kingdom, Halloween fireworks, and the opportunity to hop aboard the Haunted Mansion and other rides. The actual ticket cost looks quite reasonable at just under $70 at the gate. However, this doesn't include the cost of food, beverages and souvenirs. Families traveling from out of town will also have to pay for gas or a plane ticket. For a family of four, the total cost for out-of-towners can easily be as much as $2,000.

"Night of the Living Dead"
The 1968 horror movie "Night of the Living Dead" is a popular cult classic to watch during the Halloween season. The film was directed by George A. Romero, who has gone on to direct a number of sequels throughout the years. The flick is described as being about "a group of people that hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse." The movie itself is rather affordable to purchase, and it can be found in a number of formats from VHS to digital download. True fans have also collected the original movie poster, which could set you back a couple of thousand of dollars. Two original posters in varying condition are available on eBay. The first is listed for over $2,000. Both are available on the site as "buy-it-now" options.

"Die Hard" Costumes
Another piece of movie memorabilia that could be used to create an expensive Halloween ensemble includes actual costumes worn by movie stars while on set. A popular action franchise has been "Die Hard," which stars Bruce Willis. One website lists a well-worn t-shirt, pants and badge combo available for $7,000 worn by Willis during the filming of "Die Hard: With a Vengeance." Most look to already be in private hands, with only the adventurous willing to wear the costumes out on Halloween and risk getting their collections even dirtier.

The Bottom Line
As with spending on most things, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to Halloween items. The reality is that most people won't have to spend more than a $100 to buy all the necessary candy, costumes and decorations, but others may want to splurge.

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